Sierra Cascade Land Trust Council

The land, water, and wildlife of the Sierra Cascade region are vital to the livelihood of local communities and the health of the State of California. Sierra Cascade Land Trust Council is a network of land trusts and partner organizations acting as a collective voice in this diverse region to increase the pace, scale, and permanence of land conservation. Sierra Cascade Land Trust Council envisions a future for the region where we have sustainable ecological and economic health locally and for downstream statewide stakeholders.

Strategic Conservation Action Plan

This web tool was developed as part of Sierra Cascade Land Trust Council’s Strategic Conservation Action Plan. The overarching goal of the Strategic Conservation Action Plan is to improve the region’s economic, community, and environmental resilience by increasing the pace, scale, and effectiveness of conservation.


Our vision is a vast network of connected conserved land throughout the Sierra Cascade region that supports resilient communities and ecosystems.

This network of permanently protected land will provide:


The goals for the overall strategic planning process are to:

The conservation goals addressed by this web tool are to: